Ride Blue Lake Tour

Blue Lake Tour Description

The western part of Manitoba is home to some incredible sights, including Blue Lakes, Mount Baldy, and miles of unspoiled wilderness to explore. A mix of paved and gravel roads, we’ll weave our way through some of Western Manitoba’s greatest hits. Although we’ve got the route, there’s a ton to do along the way; from hiking to swimming and everything in between. We’ll teach you how to choose and set up camp, start a fire (as long as there are no fire restrictions), and learn some basic camp skills that will keep you coming back for more!


  • Price: $1759
  • Tour Length: 4 Days
  • Riding Difficulty: Advanced Beginner | Intermediate
  • Distance: 1000+Kms
  • Highlights: Lakes | Mount Baldy | Backroads | Unique Spots | Hidden Jems


  • June 2 – 5, 2023
  • September 8 – 11, 2023


  • Qualified Moto Camping Guide
  • Chase Vehicle
  • Camping/Lodging Fees
  • Meals (Except where noted in Excludes)
  • Snacks (Except where noted in Excludes)


  • Insurance (Mandatory)
  • Motorcycle
  • Fuel
  • Beverages
  • Other Personal Expenses
  • Ice Cream/Treats
  • Lunch on Day 1

What to Bring

  • Motorcycle in good working order
  • Motorcycle License
  • Insurance Documents
  • Clothes for 4 days
  • Swimsuit
  • Rain gear
  • Camp shoes/sandals/boots
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Riding Gear (DOT approved helmet, gloves, riding pants, riding jacket, boots)
  • Moto Camping Gear (A complete list will be made available with your welcome email, if you don’t have your own, we can provide a complete camping set for a small rental fee. If you decide you love it, you can purchase the set at the end of the trip)
  • Money for Fuel/Food/Beverages outside of breakfast/lunch/dinner or if you have dietary restrictions
  • Breakdown Kit (Patch Kit/Tools for your specific Motorcycle to remove wheels, oil drain bolt, zip ties)

Tour Details

Day 1

Rendezvous in Winnipeg. We’ll have breakfast and go through introductions and a safety briefing. This trip is by no means a short around-the-block ride. On day one, we’ll be on the bikes for 9-10 hours with fuel stops, a lunch stop, and stretching breaks, plus we’ll be on gravel for a couple hundred kms. Depending on road conditions, this can add some serious time to the trip, but it’s definitely an adventure! Once we arrive at the campsite, we’ll get ourselves set up, and we’ll talk moto camping gear and being bear smart before having dinner and then either relaxing around the campfire or heading to the beach for a swim.

Day 2

After breakfast, we’ll ride out to Baldy Mountain to check out the viewing tower in the morning before heading back to the campground for lunch and then do a loop up to Swan River and back through Child’s Lake before arriving back at camp for a late dinner, and learn a little about camp meals and the best way to pack food for a moto camping adventure.

Day 3

We’ll get back on the bikes and head west along the 367 past Child’s Lake and down to the campground in Riding Mountain National Park. Once camp is set up, we’ll explore some local hiking trails or hit the beach before spending our last night enjoying a campfire and having a fantastic dinner prepared for you by the Epic Rides Moto Tours Crew. We’ll talk about route planning, riding gear for different seasons, and much more. 

Day 4

We’ll pack up and turn the wagons east again and head back towards Lake Manitoba, where we’ll follow the west side of the lake, south along the 50, and then east again back to Winnipeg. I expect we’ll roll into Winnipeg tired, dusty, and with huge smiles on our faces to go along with memories to last a lifetime.

And as an added bonus, you brand new moto campers will be pros ready to strike out on your own adventures OR join me on a more advanced ride!

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